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As the author says, “Its purpose is to arouse their interest in spiritual life in general and the Divine Life chalked out by Swami Sivananda in particular”.

Amrita Gita Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj has, in his inimitable characteristic style, summarised in this small book the very essence of all religious teaching, and he has strung together a garland of very philsophy Yoga-assertions that will at once elevate and inspire the reader.

A New Beginning Words spoken philisophy Swamiji for a few minutes during morning Meditation Class to mould one’s life anew in the light of Gurudev’s teachings. The only peer-reviewed academic journal solely dedicated to the field. Our popular ebook library also encourages new writers from all over the world to self-publish and submit their work.

Swami Chidananda covers a wide range of subject on the life spiritual. A book for every thinking person.

Your daily life will soon be transformed into a divine life of peace, bliss and the highest wisdom. The chapters will speak for themselves. Kundalini Yoga The theory that underlies the cosmic power has been analysed to its thinnest filaments, and practical methods have been suggested to awaken this great pristine force in individuals.

Bliss is Within Life-transforming lectures on a wide variety of subjects on the life spiritual.

All of our free ebooks are available for instant transfer and are hosted on our own servers, so there is no need to follow outside links. Parables of Sivananda The subtlest of spiritual truths in the form of Parables.

Who is a Satguru? Guru Tattva Is a Guru absolutely necessary? General and introductory texts: In accordance with international Copyright conventions and laws, we obtain written permission to publish and host all the e-books you see in our library.

Easy Steps to Yoga These Easy Steps to Yoga are laid out with a special view to enable the novice to ascend without much difficulty the heights of spiritual attainment. While most folks have access to a computer dowmload mobile device connected to the Internet, not every person in the world can afford to buy ebooks.

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How it is so, is explained in these pages. Map of Islamic Philosophy — where it fits in with other world philosophies. Are you a scholar or graduate student in Islamic philosophy? God Exists Swami Sivanandaji had brought forth interesting illustrations and illuminating logic to support his declaration, to convince even a confirmed atheist of the existence of God.

Islamic philosophy is also sometimes referred to as Arabic philosophy or Muslim philosophy. God As Mother A series of illuminating lectures on the significance of worship of the Divine Mother delivered during the Navaratri festival festival of Mother worship. It contains fifteen chapters.

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Examples are also drawn from Swami Sivananda’s pre-monastic days as a doctor in Malaysia. They have all been brought together in this volume which is a boon to the spiritual propagandist, the teacher, and people all over the world–the believers and the non-believers. We are always looking for interested people to join our team. Also, the Krishna Lila with the Gopis which is confusing to many in the laity is described.

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Autobiography of Swami Sivananda An honest, forthright, modest and inspiring self-narration of the world-renowned saint and sage. You can let them know about this page and they can subscribe by themselves if they want to. Fiction or non-fiction in any genre or category.

Major Islamic Philosopherstheir thought and works. Saint Sivananda In a very lively and spontaneous way the author Sivaprasad tells how he came in contact with Siva – Gurudev Swami Sivananda – or better how he fell in philoosphy with him.

Conquest of Fear The causes of fear and its eradication.