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Configure up to 20 Smart Alerts to use different event combinations to send alert messages.

System stores encrypted login information. Supports Internet Explorer 6. Dual redundant power supplies for connection to pinlut separate power sources The second power supply is sold separately. Any programmed event can trigger a snapshot from an IP camera.

Cascade up to 5 units via Ethernet connection 1 master, 4 slaves Triggered Events can send SSH commands to soft shutdown or reboot machines. Optional DIN network cable pinout pdf download available.

Medium Enterprise Environment Monitoring System

Medium Enterprise Environment Monitoring System. Monitor ping up to 64 IP network devices. Both the event log and the data log store up to 1, entries.

Mobile Summary Page view product demo View summary page on mobile devices – smartphones, tablets, etc. Power Dual DC power.

Monitor and manage server room environmental and security conditions over IP. Unlatch the activated smoke detector by simply network cable pinout pdf download and replugging the power supply. Internal Humidity Sensor Applications from: Compatible with any SNMP management software.

Data log records samples of sensor readings. Email and SMS alerts can be sent through the modem instead of the Ethernet connection. SNMP support, allowing integration into network management platforms.

Available with optional internal battery backup. Automatically configures network settings received from a network cable pinout pdf download DHCP server. Two levels of user-defined alerts — non-critical and critical. User specified sampling time period.

Alerts are posted in message log, which is downlosd through Web user interface. Each sensor can be network cable pinout pdf download up to ft away from the expander. It is simple to install, setup and use daily for monitoring. Up to 16 users can access the web page at one time. Configure up to 50 sensor networrk events.

How to Monitor and manage server room environmental and security conditions over IP. Permissions, schedule and alert methods are configurable for each user.

Environment Monitoring System Server Room Temperature IP Sensor Alert

Use in cahle centers, co-lo sites, web hosting facilities, telecom switching sites, POP sites, server closets, or any unmanned area that needs to be monitored. All sensors in alert can be quickly viewed on the alert summary page to enable timely responses.

Alerts are sent when there is a power outage and when power returns. If the single power supply fails, none of the smoke detectors in the string will work. The unit can be polled via SNMP. Internal Temperature Sensor Applications from: Intrinsically Safe Pressure Sensor Transmitter, 0 to psig.

This allows users to remotely network cable pinout pdf download cycle if needed. Push configuration changes to multiple connected units in a group at once. If the first power source fails, the unit will automatically, without interruption, switch over to the second power source before switching to the optional battery backup.

Up to eight remote IP sensors can be connected. One integrated view — see different Web cameras side-by-side with physical and environmental parameters. Relay activates upon alarm or via the user interface. Network Technologies Inc Danner Dr.

No management software is required to set up the SMS relay feature. The system includes two internal sensors: The log can be downloaded as a tab-delimited plain text file.

Supports IP network video cameras nrtwork live view of any facility.