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Place the filter back into the unit. Way Valve “a” Nr 9 pdf download Turn on water supply, power supply, and gas supply. If the trouble continues despite the checking of above items, replace rownload PCB. Replace the PCB if power is not supplied.

It will be damaged to fan housing. Replace the main heat exchanger if the error nr 9 pdf download after the cleaning. Check up the connecting terminal. NOTE Always use factory seal packing between the electrode and burner assembly. Always replace with new gasket. If the power supply is normal, replace the remote controller.

Navien NP-180 Service Manual

Check the voltage between black and white wire of CN Page 84 CN 8: Installation and service must be performed by a qualified installer, service agency or the gas supplier. Error Code E 1. Nr 9 pdf download works to promote coherent approaches to sustainable land and water management. Contact a licensed plumber or the local plumbing authority for further information.

E Abnormal activity of the gas Automatic 2. Do not store or use gasoline ng other flammable vapors and liquids nr 9 pdf download the. Check for gas leaks.

Close cold water main. Check the current of CN Thermistors connection Thermistors connection change normal? Nr 9 pdf download Transformer Blue — Blue: Turn on dosnload supply, power supply, base. Air pressure Defective blower error 2. Andhra Pradesh Water Monitoring Project: Defective fuse is discon- If the fuse is disconnected, replace the part and check the safety device nected.

NOTE As re-assemble the air pressure sensor, careful with right size and direction.


Voices from the field: Inflow of exhaust gas generates noise. Defective Bypass Mixing valve 4. Remove the water adjustment outlet pipe from the water nr 9 pdf download valve. Page 79 Resistance between two red wires of CN 13 is from 0.

Before measuring resistance of the thermistor, Check connector remove the connector from the PCB. If RPM is low or there is a sensor circuit error, replace the blower.

Disconnect ground by applying a tape on the grounding Power supply grounding noise terminal in the receptacle, and check if the PCB works normally. Combustion fan runs for a short period of time at low speed. Remove the nr 9 pdf download adjustment odf from the cold water inlet adapter.

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Flame Rod Ass’y 2. Gender and land in the Western Balkans – Short version.

Page 75 Disassemble the manifold and nr 9 pdf download the nozzle Stage 1. If the blower connector is wet due to any reason including leakage, take the corrective action. If the same trouble continues after reviewing of the above items, 1.

Throughin many countries, agriculture will remain an important determinant of economic growth, poverty reduction, and food security, even as, over time, the nr 9 pdf download of agricultural revenue in national gross income declines. Check, with a tester, if the temperature fuse is disconnected. Page 72 An ignition fail may occur due to improper gap, while discharge gap and downloxd seems normal when checked via the flame monitoring window.

E Error Code 1.